Juliana Cesano

 Juliana is a TS member since 1996. She currently serves at the National Center for the Theosophical Society in America and is an international speaker who focuses on the practical aspects of the theosophical teachings.

Ulisses Riedel de Resende

Ulisses has been a member of the Brazilian Section since the last manvantara. He is a lawyer, teacher, journalist and writer. Currently he is the President of the Planetary Union, “Union Planetaria y Fazenda Escola Bona Esperanza”. He is also a former President of the TS in Brazil and the Inter-American Theosophical Federation.

Esteban Langlois

Member in Argentina since May 1983. Esteban is a Physician graduated in 1991, and is specialized in Internal Medicine. is a Physician graduated in 1991, and is specialized in Internal Medicine. Currently, he is the Vice-Director of Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the General Secretary of the Argentinean Section since Dec 17th …

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Brandon Goh

A seeker and aspirant since the age of 5, Brandon had fervently explored a plethora of new age and religious paths. He practised many disciplines of meditation and healing for over a decade as an eclectic ‘lightworker’ before coming to the Theosophical Society. Having found the light therein, he has since been an ardent student …

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Linda Oliveira

Linda Oliveira has held various positions in the Australian Section and is currently its National President. She served as International Vice-President of the Theosophical Society from October 2008 until late 2011. Two and a half years of this period were spent at Adyar, the Society’s International Headquarters in India, before she returned to live in …

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Jenny Baker

Jenny Baker has been a member of the English Section since 1981. Her working life has been as a nurse and a Yoga instructor and therapist. She was on the National Council as an unattached representative for several years. She also has served on the Executive Committee, the English Theosophical Trust and on the Boards …

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Janne Vuononvirta

Janne has been a member of the TS since 2007 and the General Secretary of the Finnish Section since 2018. He is a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, and a taekwondo instructor. In his life he is interested in bridging science and ageless wisdom and thus aiding people to find balance within themselves