Preparations for the online Convention started in July with the Convention Team. Much had to be organized in order to make this event a success, and meaningful to attend. This will be quite a different experience in comparison with previous Conventions as we cannot meet physically. On the other hand, we will have more participants from all four corners of the globe, joining the sessions.


Each day is dedicated to regions of the world having different timezones:

27 December : Adyar, Asia, and the Indian Section Convention — I.

28 December : The Americas, with the Besant Lecture.

29 December : Europe and Africa, with the Theosophy-Science Lecture.

30 December : Asia, the Indian Section Convention — II, the International President’s Public Lecture, and Closing.


There will be pubic lectures, talks, symposiums, panels, interviews, youth forums, and meditation sessions.

Lectures : To make this more interactive there will be Q&A sessions with the speaker after the talks.

Videos of some international centres will be shown.

Youth Forums will take place at the end of each Convention day.

Meditation will complete all days.

The Indian Section has its annual convention, following their regulations during the international convention. There are two slots open for registered participants.

Break rooms for attendees will be open after some sessions. Attendees can freely talk with themselves. These are not moderated sessions.


The convention will be run by Zoom Webinar. Upon registering all will receive relevant download-information and necessary links.


The Convention Team wishes that much interest for this annual event of the Theosophical Society will be generated.

Follow the updates to come, and share the link of this site.

Warmest wishes

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