Youth Speak: Tomorrow’s Voices

“Patterns of Thought”

Benjamin Upton, New Zealand

Life seems to be full of patterns and our thoughts are no exception. Just how aware are we of the source of our actions? How can we take control of our reactions?

“Just Say Yes!”

Celeste Sasuman, the Philippines
Youth is a beautiful gift. However, we often fail to utilize the beauty of our youth when we become paralyzed with our fears. Fear from being not good enough, fear from not being as learned as others, fear from being not as experienced as others, and more. Not only is this a dilemma for the youth, but for everyone who lets their fears get the best of them. Join Celeste on her crossroads on the path to overcoming fears, prejudices, and self-doubt.

“The Spirit of Youth”

Brandon Goh, Singapore
Are we aware of the zeitgeist of the 21st Century — the spirit of youth? In order to revitalize the Theosophical Society, we must first seek the spirit of youth. All attempts at keeping up with the times remain external and feeble if we are not enflamed by the same fire that drives our youth today. Why not open our hearts to embrace the new?

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