Lecture: The Flame of Awareness

SHORT TALK, with questions & answers afterward

“The Flame of Awareness”

Shikhar Agnihotri, Adyar, India

Awareness is normally understood as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. But this meaning as per the dictionary does not give us the complete understanding of the various layers of undertones related to the term or the effects that it creates just by being aware without a centre of judgment. Theosophy or the Ageless Wisdom points to this.

How often does it happen that just a small act of care or a word of love or a compassionate look in someone‚Äôs eyes changes our whole inner structure of emotions or conditionings? Attention is not merely perception of a situation but it is the action of the highest order which is sometimes called Mindfulness. It is the movement of energy that operates and brings about certain results and this movement of energy, at so many levels, is cyclic in nature. We can see this everywhere in our surroundings, the eternal, ceaseless Motion, which is poetically and esoterically called the “Great Breath”. It is just like a flame that burns the dross.

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