Symposium by Europe/Africa

Universal Prayer


Moderator: Patrizia Calvi. Italy

Speakers at the Symposium

  • Jenny Baker, England
  • Patrick Kafunga, Zambia
  • Janne Vuononvirta, Finland
  • Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu, France

“From Becoming Aware to Ever Becoming”

Jenny Baker, President of the English Section

The Pilgrim’s search for Truth begins with awareness and leads to the evolving process of Ever Becoming as the Vedic Prayer “Lead me from the unreal to the Real,  Lead me from darkness to Light, Lead me from death to Immortality” is finally fulfilled.

“Spirituality – A Holistic Approach”

Patrick Kafunga, Zambia

What I would like to convey in this talk is the importance of a broader consideration of the three thought systems of Religion, Philosophy and Science in approaching spirituality as opposed to limiting our perceptions to 1) our traditional beliefs and myths of bygone times 2) our cultural norms that are inherently inconsistent with the universal principles 3) the fanatical approaches towards religious beliefs, scientific /materialistic preoccupations and self-conceived philosophical paradigms, ideologies and isms.

This an attempt to expose, however, the inherent failure in the attainment of perfect harmony and understanding because of our special leanings and biases towards one or other branch of the systems of thought while probing, in this short space, to some appreciable extent our theosophical approaches towards ominism – which is the recognition and respect of all religions. And briefly discuss also how each of the thought systems suffers contextually when it is approached or considered in isolation.

Finally, I want to indicate that it is with the sole hope of rekindling interest in the comparative study of Religion, Philosophy and Science as the most assured approach to spirituality around which this talk is structured.

“Becoming Aware of the Suffering – and How to Deal with It”

Janne Vuononvirta, General Secretary, Finland

No one can avoid pain or adverse events in life. When one is not aware, he is reacting based on his life history and previous conditioning. When one is reacting, one cannot see the situation as it is or act in a constructive way. Thus one can make the situation even worse than it needs to be. By becoming aware of our conditioning, one can learn to act wisely and start building a lasting basis for a happier future.

“Becoming Aware is Discovering Love”

Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu, France

Through cycles of evolution, humans can be conscious of both outside and inside. They can learn to expand awareness inside the field of consciousness. This will lead them towards another step in the cycles of learning and knowledge. Humans can realize that incorrect perception comes from negligence or lack of genuine attention. The notion of otherness will be explored in the light of awareness. From awareness is born care for others. The mind, by its inclusiveness, accedes to knowledge of a superior order; it is the discovery of love.


The event is finished.