Scientific Research and Spiritual Search

Ravi Ravindra, Prof. Emeritus, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

The two major needs of our soul are knowledge and meaning. The approach to meeting these two needs is different in scientific research and spiritual search. Scientists approach these questions with strong and creative minds and external observations as they attempt to get more and more accurate inter-subjective knowledge about the laws governing the external universe. This knowledge is expected to be trans-cultural and free of the quality of being of the scientists.

A spiritual searcher is called to quieten the mind, as strongly implied by a remark of HPB, “Mind is the slayer of Truth.” In any spiritual undertaking there is a strong emphasis on impartial and more and more conscious self-study, naturally leading to self-transformation with the ultimate aim of finding one’s unity with the Highest Reality. This is implied in the remark of the Buddha, “Look within, you are the Buddha!”  As spiritual searchers evolve, they naturally develop compassion, love, a sense of service, and a feeling of oneness with everyone.

No serious human being can be uninterested in either scientific knowledge or inner spiritual search.  The call to each one of us is to find the knowledge that gives meaning to our life and assists us to do our part for the welfare of the world.

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