(Visual Artist, alternative health practitioner [reflexology & acupressure])

Member of The Theosophical society in East and Central African Section, Kitwe Lodge in Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, Zambia. Aged  46 years.

Patrcik joined the TS on the 23rd of September 1999 and is the Kitwe Lodge secretary since 2006.

He has attended the following local and international conventions:

  • 2004 centenary celebrations in Pretoria (now Tswane) Republic of South Africa
  • 2007 Dar-es-salaam Convention Republic of Tanzania
  • 2011 Kitwe Convention Republic of Zambia
  • 2013 Nairobi Convention Republic of Kenya
  • 2015 Dar-es-salaam Convention Republic of Tanzania

He helped with the preps for the 2003 local Convention at Kitwe which he missed as he had to travel out of the Country.

Patrick is also involved In mentorship programmes for the youth including those aligned to Kitwe Lodge, offering them free apprenticeships in life skills training such as fine art, sign writing and metal fabrication, both at a personal level and in conjunction with the Visual Arts Council of Zambia.

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