Sabine Van Osta (° 1968) is an active member of the TS since 2001. She became lodge president of the young Antwerp Lodge (Loge Witte Lotus) in 2008, board member of the Belgian Section from 2004 till 2008 as Secretary to the Board and back in the Board again since 2012. At the end of 2013, she was designated General Secretary of the Section. Apart from the organisational work, she also gives lectures and animates study groups in Belgium and the Netherlands on core theosophical themes in Dutch, French and English. She has translated articles of theosophical authors; her own articles were published in various theosophical publications. She has regularly travelled mainly in Europe to attend congresses of other national Sections. In daily life, Sabine works since 1998 full time as assistant to the Company Secretary, in charge for organising corporate meetings on the level of Board and Shareholders. She lives in Antwerp, Belgium with her husband.

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